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 We hope that this Earth Science Program will become a necessary teaching aid. We feel that your students will enjoy this hands-on adventure. The Educational Program lasts about 1½ to 2 hours. We’re open from 8:30 to sunset every day (changes with the season, usually 30 minutes before sundown). Please plan to spend as much of your day as possible – the more time, the more fun. We can accommodate small and large groups . Larger groups will be divided into  smaller,  more  manageable groups which will be rotated through each venue until everyone has experienced all there is to see. We will contact you prior to your field trip date to discuss how to divide the students and to confirm arrival time.

 Bring a picnic lunch. We have several outdoor picnic areas. We also have a place to store your ice chests and back packs on site now. This is a designated and secure space for field trips only.
 Bring a large plastic container or heavy-duty Ziploc bags with the child’s name on it for gemstone collection.
 Wear old play clothes and shoes – plan on getting wet and dirty!
 Bring a change of clothes and shoes, and maybe a hand towel to dry your feet after Creekin’.
 Please collect money in advance; payment is expected on or before the day of your field trip unless other

arrangements have previously been made. Parents may pay for their entrance fee upon arrival. Please direct them to the building with the Red Roof ( it’s the only one we have and is the first building you will see).
 Upon arrival, Parents and Chaperones must report to the building with the Red Roof to check in and pay if payment has not already been made.
 Please dress appropriately for the weather, remembering that we will be outdoors, and it can get chilly in early Spring, late Fall and when it rains. So, bring your jacket
 If the weather warrants it, sunscreen and bug spray are also good to bring along. Lemon grass spray works very well to ward off bugs. 
 Parking space is limited. Please carpool if possible. If possible, let us know the number of vehicles that will be coming with your group, so we can prepare for you and save time when you are checking in. The faster we check in the more time we have for the field trip.

     Thank you for your help in this matter. We want your transition from arrival to mining to be a smooth one!
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email ( or

phone (828) 552-4100 ext. 81.

 Good luck to each of you finding your own Gemstone Treasures!

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