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In 1879 W.E. Hidden went mining for platinum in White Plains for Thomas Edison's longer lasting light bulb. Unfortunately, no platinum was ever found but they did discover emeralds and a new mineral that they had never seen before. After sending the mineral to a lab for identification, it was determined to be a variety of mineral called spodumene. There are different varieties of spodumene that can be found all over the world in locations such as Afghanistan, Austrailia, Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, Canada and California. Only Hiddenite found in Hiddenite, NC is considered true Hiddenite because it is the only spodumene colored with chromium. It is the only precious gemstone that cannot be synthesized or recreated by man. Use caution when buying Hiddenite from unknown sources. It is not uncommon to find dyed kunzite labled as Hiddenite. This spodumene is not true Hiddenite. It is colored with chromium, and it's color will fade over time. 

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