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A piece of jewelry made by us is something that you will surely be very proud of. Unlike some other lapidary shops, we guarantee that your Gemstones to be cut by our certified Lapidarists.  Best of all, our services are very affordable. Your jewelry will prove to be a great investment!

     A visit to the Emerald Hollow Mine almost guarantees that you will find some precious and/or semi-precious stones in their rough, natural state. We can transform these into spectacular finished gemstones and mount them in elegant jewelry for you. With a sparkling gemstone serving as a constant reminder that you or a loved one actually found that gem, this jewelry will be a very special treasure and cherished for life.

     Our full service Lapidary Shop is staffed with highly skilled professional Geologists and Gemologists that can be trusted to turn your rough stones into beautiful faceted gems or polished cabochons. After your stones have been cut by our experts, we can mount them in a gold or silver setting of your choice. We offer a huge selection of jewelry settings to showcase your gemstones, so you can dazzle in your own one of a kind piece!

     Offered at incredible prices, we also have a large selection of impressive, custom made jewelry pieces, mineral specimen and finished gemstones on display in house.

​     Jewelry repair is also available, including ring sizing.  We can work with 925 Sterling Silver,10k and 14k Gold, however we cannot work with nickle, platnium, copper/gold/silver plated materials or titanium,

     Whether you have your own gemstones or need us to supply them, you can depend on us for all your jewelry needs!

A lapidary (lapidarist, Latin: lapidarius) is an artist or artisan who forms stone, minerals, or gemstones into decorative items such as cabochons, engraved gems, including cameos, and faceted designs. The primary techniques employed are cutting, grinding, and polishing. Carving is an important, but specialized technique.

Bailey Watt


Creek Education Tour Guide


I am also responsible for all training in the lapidary, certifications, and handing down years of knowledge of trial and error to the next generation of Lapidarists.

Favorite Minerals and Gemstones: Emeralds  faceted with the "emerald facet" and dark blue aquamarine with the "Scissor facet". “Never seen a rock I didn’t like. Each mineral has its own personality”.


​​​Hobbies: Fishing and actually catching fish, playing guitar, saxophone, mandolin, piano, and many other instruments. I really enjoy writing my own music, riding my Harley motorcycle fast (like I stole it), collecting arrow heads and artifacts, digging for rocks and umpiring baseball, which I have done for 35 years.  At the end of the day I love to read my bible.

History: I found my first quartz crystal when I was seven years old. This began my wonder and amazement for geology. As I grew up I pursued sports and earned a scholarship playing football. This allowed me to pursue a degree in geology and I was able to realize my full passion for minerals and precious gemstones. In 1979 I won the international cut of the year for my development of the scissor cut and it remains our most popular facet to date. I have had the pleasure of traveling all over the world. Mexico, brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Germany, Spain, Africa (Ivory Coast), Alaska, and Hawaii have all been called my playground for a short time. The only continental state I have not collected minerals and rocks in is Rhode Island. I have had the privilege of learning gold and silver smith skills, wax casting, custom jewelry design, cabbing, faceting, basically anything you need done in a lapidary. I am highly skilled at all levels of lapidary work and truly enjoy teaching and passing on my years of knowledge to the next generation of Lapidarists.

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