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Cutting through the gemstone rich ridges of the mine, there are creeks with sparkling clean, clear, mountain waters gently flowing through them. Through many years of the natural processes of erosion, the creek bed continues to fill with minerals from the mine above. This makes for ideal prospecting after a hard rain. When prospecting in the creek, you want to search in areas that would stop a gemstone in the rushing waters. You can dig a little, but serious digging is not necessary. These creeks are typically not over ankle to knee deep in most areas. Please report any unsafe conditons to staff.

​Tools are included in your permit price. (sluice box and nylon trowel)    No metal or buckets over a gallon are permitted in the creek.

The creek is a favorite among our guests for its beautiful and serene views which are especially refreshing during the summertime. The creek is a great place to make a big find!


1. No buckets over a gallon. 

2. No metal tools.

3. No digging in creek bank or around roots/trees.

4. Report any dangerous conditions such as fallen trees, broken glass, snakes, wasp nests, etc. to staff.

5. Do not go beyond roped areas- they are either unsafe, reserved for scheduled educational programs or not Emerald Hollow Mine property. 

We do NOT salt the creek for the public. We do salt the creek for educational programs, and what they do not find may wash down to the public side of the creek.


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