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Educational Programs

     Since 1987, Emerald Hollow Mine has proudly presented one of North Carolina's finest Educational Programs. Each year, thousands of public and private school students, scout troops, YMCA members, church groups, senior citizen groups and other organizations visit Emerald Hollow Mine to participate in our popular educational field trip program. Offering a unique "hands on" learning experience in a spectacular nature-filled outdoor environment. Our field trips are more than educational. They promise to be a fun and exciting adventure for people of all ages!

     The purpose of this area of the website is to welcome our first timers while informing our returning schools of changes to our program, updates on site policy, new attractions, rules and structure, as well as any changes to check in and departure procedures. Please take a few moments to read through all of this information so you will be as informed as possible and enjoy your time at Emerald Hollow Mine. 

     At some point in your field trip you will most assuredly come across our gift tables. We do not have a gift shop on site yet. The purpose of these tables is to allow your students to acquire mementos to take home. All money raised from gift shop sales will be used for funding site improvements for the educational programs  development. The items range from $1.00 to $20.00 and are chosen specifically for school field trips. This is only available for field trips students. As your students pass through this area they will be given a FREE Gem ID chart (both sides shown here). No purchase necessary. The chart includes coupons for free entry and other perks which they can share and enjoy with their family upon their return. Coupons do not expire and the chart is made from a very tough material that is waterproof and will last. Purchases at the gift tables are not necessary to get these however it definitely helps to maintain and continue to expand the field trip program. Last years gift tables helped us rewrite the entire program and add two new stops along the field trip  experience. Those stops are the dig site walk through and the environmental speech at the pond. We were also able to create a new and more exciting surface collecting area and expand the paths to the dig site so your students are safe to walk in that area. We were able to create a new path to the creek and added a second creek location for student exploration as well as created a new picnic area with tables.   


                                                        Thank You very much for your support.

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