The History of the Jasper Stone

If you happen to be a rockhound or collector or artist or designer with a eye for the beauty of what is Mother Nature,there is a chance you have heard or seen Jasper. It might have been in someone's yard as a alternative placement for sidewalk or garden gravel,or it could have been a polished piece in your science classroom as a kid. It undeniably has a intense and stoic presence about it. Jasper is a stone of many colors and ancient ties,and has been used for over 10,000 years in various rituals,ceremonies,jewelry and even weapons. Of course many are not aware of the use of Jasper in history,and may even have some in their own home. You could be apart of the general population that knows it as the waning period of the season of Virgo as a alternative birthstone. Maybe you are completely in the dark about Jasper,but find it intriguing. Let me light the way for your curiosity!

Jasper is a Chalcedony in the family of Quartz, and is one of the most ancient

stones on the entire planet. The etymology or, Jasper, meaning, is “spotted or speckled stone” since Jasper sometimes contains spots of sediment, ash or mineral material. The meaning of Jasper derives from the Old French “jaspre” or Latin “iaspidem”—which translates all the way back to its ancient Greek, Hebrew or Akkadian origins.

Polished Jasper was favored by the people in ancient civilizations and

can be found referenced throughout Latin literature.

You may find with the Jasper stone that each piece is detailed and unique due to organic material contained inside, which often oxidizes during formation to complete interesting arrangements. The lines and patterns of Jasper rift to form a picture that sometimes resemble a landscape that dips and peaks with mountains and valleys.

Polychrome Jasper should remind you of scenes of the sea, where the sand meets the shore. And Ocean Jasper can bring you waves of wisdom and tranquil vibrations, as it is fittingly named the stunningly elegant “Atlantis Stone”—a talisman of knowledge and serenity. Jasper date over 50 million years ago,which is old considering the earth is between 4.5-6 billion years old itself. They can come in a whole variety of colors depending on the enviroment in which they formed. The oldest Jasper is Kambaba Jasper,aging at 4 billion years old. It is also known as a Stromalite,which is fossilized blue/green alge and is among some of the oldest fossils in the world. Stromalite was among the first living organism for over 2 billion years.This was before dinosaurs or even the earliest plants.

Kambaba Jasper Skull

In the early days of Mesopotamia,Red and Green Jasper's were all the rage.

Green jasper itself has held in high value since 7,000 years ago.

Ancient people regarded the stone Red Jasper, as a sacred stone of physical and spiritual protection—a natural healing stone that amounts to courage and wisdom. Therefore, Red Jasper was once a talisman of warriors and carried as a source of protection.

In ancient Egypt, Red Jasper was linked to fertility, as it was named the fertilizing blood of Mother Isis.

It was sometimes placed around the neck of the deceased in the form of an amulet carved with a scene of the 156th Chapter from the Book of the Dead. Similarly some North American Indians referred to Red Jasper as the “blood of Mother Earth” that stimulated health and rebirth.

In the Viking or Germanic legends of Siegfried “the dragonslayer”, Red Jasper was inlaid in the hilt of the hero’s magical sword to guide him with courage in his trials of adversity.

Jasper has been used for protection and strength for all walks of life for many centuries.

It can help activate,align or cleanse the root/base chakra,which is it's appropriate stone connection.

This connection can help aid you through times of trials and tribulations during your own life. It can help awaken your inner fire or "chi" & help you with achieving a stable emotional balance.

This wonderful and ancient stone will continue on for years to come,so take a peak outside,you never know,you may have something ancient laying in your own yard.

High Grade Picture Jasper

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