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December 6, 2017

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Even though December has a handful of birthstones,the main three that have been celebrated for hundreds of years are Turquoise,Blue Zircon and Tanzanite. The best part of these dazzling birthstones is that all three of them are available here at the Emerald Hollow Mine lapidary. We can also take custom orders if you have a special piece of one of these wonderful gemstones that you would love to have made into something just for you!

 Customer's own Turquoise from Arizona in the process of being cut!

 Brazilian Turquoise set in silver is always beautiful in a silver ring. 

For Sale in our Lapidary shop for $175

 Faceted high grade blue Zircon ready to put in a beautiful setting of your choice!

 Petite and brilliant Tanzanite ready to be set in a ring!


A raw,Brazilian Turquoise polished and set in a unique silver setting is always a good idea! For sale in the Lapidary shop for $200! Perfect gift for that special someone in your this December.


 Faceted Blue Zircon ready to be set! 

Stunning indigo-purple of loose and faceted Tanazanite !



Come see us at the Emerald Hollow Mine and stop in at one of the last Lapidaries on the East Coast to assure that your gemstone is cared for and made into something wonderful! Or buy on of our many custom made rings,bracelets,pendants and earrings we have on display in the shop!

This is the place to come for all your birthstone finds and needs!


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