Survival Kit

Hello once again, Fall is upon us and this is the time I prefer to be outdoors the most. The days are warm but not hot and the nights are cool but not freezing.

That being said. if you spend time outdoors or away from home I recommend having a basic emergency/survival kit with you on your travels. I carry three kits. Basically my multi-tool belt sheath, in which I have my leather man wave, mini mag light (51 lumens), two spare AAA batteries for the flash light and a small lighter. I NEVER leave the house, or bedroom, without that kit on my belt at all times.

The second kit I keep in an old camera case, roughly the size of three Altoids tins stacked on top of one another. This kit is what goes with me when I rock hound, hike, fish, etc. It stays in my day pack or in my car, but I can also carry it on my belt. This kit includes flint and steel fire striker, emergency blanket, poncho, small flash light, a plastic water proof match case with assorted sewing needles, fish hooks, sinkers, 50 ft. of 6lb. fishing line and a tiny bobber, Smith's multi-function knife sharpener, compass, fire striker and whistle. I also have a spool of black upholstery thread for sewing or patching gear, it works much better than sewing thread. I also have a Swiss Army knife, small Bic lighter, small magnifying lens, assorted safety pins (heavy duty), tweezers, small nail clippers, 100 foot of 150lb. bank line, micro emergency towel (full sized wash cloth folded about the size of a fifty cent piece and last but not least, a small tube of Gorilla Glue superglue. This kit has saved my butt on more than one occasion. It has everything you need for shelter, fire and gear repairs.

The last bag is my Go Bag, also called Bug Out Bag or Get Home Bag. Basically everything I use for backpacking. Tent, sleeping pad, 40 degree sleeping bag, MSR mini water works water purifier, folding skillet by UST and a 2 qt. titanium pot with a lid, 2 32oz. Nalgene water bottles, hand crank weather radio, 100 ft. of para cord, 50 ft. of heavy duty para cord, emergency ration bars, 5 lbs. of rice, tea, honey, salt, sugar, 2 pairs of long cargo pants, 2 t-shirts, 2 pairs of boxers and 3 pairs of socks.

I also have a hygiene kit and a full med kit in this pack. Hygiene kit has Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap, travel toothpaste and toothbrush, comb, travel razor, toe nail clippers, floss, mouthwash and deodorant. My med kit is designed for back packing, but I've added extra band-aids and gauze.

This is just a basic list. You have to customize your kit based on your skill level and knowledge. Why carry a tool or kit if you don't know how to use it? With the proper knowledge you could go into the bush with nothing and do just fine, or without the proper knowledge you could have all the gear in the world and still perish.

Remember, always have a cutting tool and a way to make a fire and you can do just about anything. The other stuff just makes it easier. Knowledge is power but it takes commitment, dedication and a willingness to learn.

Blessed Be,



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