Backwoods Wisdom with Taj - The Wonders of Honey

Hello again!

Taj here with a few more bits of knowledge for every one. Again, I want to talk about wild and natural food. It's not something that you grow, yet it's one of the most versatile, delicious and most important foods that everyone should have in stock. Honey! That's right, honey. It is not grown but made solely by bees! Not only is honey delicious by itself, but it makes anything you add it to wonderful!

Most people know about how nutritious honey is, but it also has some other fantastic uses. I keep honey in my med-kit. Not only do I use it in tea, sauces, and desserts; but it is one of the best antibiotics you could use. Honey has been used to treat wounds, burns, and infections for thousands of years.

When I started to learn about natural medicine, I discovered that as honey oxidizes it creates bacteria killing hydrogen peroxide. I use it on burns, scrapes, cuts, and I use it on wounds before infection sets in. If i do get an infected wound, I scrub thoroughly and coat it with honey. I cover the wound with a sterile bandage and wa-la!

From my experience, it seems that I heal much faster than when I use triple antibiotic ointment and with less scarring. I also use it when I get a sore throat, mixed with pineapple juice. It works better than cough syrup. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, eat local honey. The honey contains pollen from local plants and when eaten every day, it helps build up an immunity to the allergens.

Most people, including myself, notice a drastic decrease in allergy related symptoms or no symptoms at all. Ancient peoples and modern doctors both have discovered the medicinal properties of honey.

I hope you, my dear reader, research these uses for yourself. Remember, raw and natural pure honey. Pasteurized honey has none of the needed enzymes. Never microwave honey if you want to use it medicinally. That's all for now! Next time I'll focus on recipes for wild edibles and some will include honey!

Blessed be,



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