Miss Bea's Introduction

Bailey Watt is her name. She’s a 26-year-old Virgo who currently resides in Hiddenite, NC. For as long as she can remember, she has always had an extremely strong connection to the earth. She grew up with a green thumbed mother and a farmer father from North Iredell, so her daily life was filled with a lot of time spent outdoors until it was too dark to see. In the summers of her youth, she could be found on her grandmother's 80-acre farm, in a creek, or just lying on her back in the forest to watch the clouds go by. She grew up in a nature-oriented family, so common activities included hiking, camping, star gazing, gardening and looking for quartz in her yard.

As she grew up, so did her knowledge of gemstones. Even if she was unsure how to identify a piece, she would still add it to her collection. It wasn’t until she turned 19 and took off into the vast metaphysical world of gemstones that she began to realize her connection to minerals and gems. Bea fondly remembers her mother presenting her with her first gemstone healing kit. At age 20, she moved to Brevard, NC and eventually to the Great Smoky Mountains of NC. Her knowledge continued to expand as she began collecting stones and identifying them on her own.

By the time she was 23, she had taught herself more than she ever had known that she could about the metaphysical world. Being a naturally creative person, she started her own gem and jewelry business. At 24 she started her Outdoor Leadership/Wilderness Therapy training in college, which required her to have two outdoor co-op jobs to graduate. After her second semester, in the summer of 2014, she moved home to Iredell county. Soon after, she began her work at the Emerald Hollow Mine alongside her life partner, Drew.

Her knowledge is now beyond what she ever expected and she still practices gemstone, vibrational & color healing. Eventually, she plans to move west to Oregon to acquire a sun stone claim. She also plans on finishing her Wilderness Therapy degree and maybe even go to college for geology.


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