Drew's Introduction

Drew is the Lapidary Manager here at Emerald Hollow Mine. He was trained in the gemstone faceting techniques of none other than Mike Watkins himself.

As a child, he often went on summer trips to see geysers and rock formations at U.S National Parks. These experiences raised many interests and questions, setting the stage for a lifelong love of all things geologic.

The first time Drew came to the mine since getting his Bachelors Degree in Geology at UNCW, he was on his first date with a lovely young lady who is still his partner in life to this day. Throughout the day, guests were asking him question after question pertaining to geology. The more answers he gave, the more he began to consider working at the mine and focusing on education.

His appetite for discovery and knowledge has been nurtured by years of field excursions and study. Among his interests are oceanography and invertebrate paleontology. In his leisure, he enjoys nature, live music, mineral/fossil hunting, rock climbing, bouldering, disc golf, harmonica, and playing guitar.


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