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Gabrielle Franks, New Jersey

Stacy Hall Rymer, North Carolina

"I've worked in customer support/relations for 17 yrs, so when we experience customer service that is above expectations; I take note. We took our family to Emerald Hollow Mine weeks back, for the first time (first of many to come). Our family of three children 8 and 6 had a BLAST! During sluicing the employees were great about educating us and assisting in identifying stones. They were so patient with our children and their many questions as they were eager to learn about the different stones. We had so much fun we purchase a blue bucket ($250 bucket), for additional fun! Our planned half day activity turned into an all day adventure as we also payed for creeking which was interrupted by a thunderstorm that gave us a break for a late lunch. Thanks again for having a high quality of customer service, it pays off as we will be bringing more family out on future visits and we have been telling everyone about how amazing of an experience we had due to your staff!! Thank you."

Jennifer Gaddis Barber, Florida

Deborah Blake, North Carolina