October 1, 2017

 In past issues of Cabbin’ Fever, I have described the interpretation of fabrics in cutting rough. Another consideration, however, is the bounding surface of either your crystal or grain. That is to say, beyond the fabric, the inherent initial shape of your rough (as d...

August 1, 2017

     Of the factors we consider when evaluating rough material for cutting, it’s Integrity is often overlooked by new lapidarists. The qualities that are important to a roughs integrity include aspects such as it’s hardness, it’s toughness, and what I will call it’s de...

July 3, 2017

“Man is the measure of all things”

“Cabochon Cut; method of cutting

gemstones with a convex, rounded

surface that is polished, but unfaceted.”
-Encyclopedia Brittanica

     The art of cabochon making is one of reading. If I were to ask you to recall a very go...